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Brush Clearence Guide


• Remove all flammable vegetation and other combustible growth within 100 feet of any structure.

• Special Attention should be given to the use and maintenance of ornamental plants known or thought to be high hazard combustible plants when used in close proximity to structures. Some of these known plants are, but not limited to Acacia, Cedar, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Pine, and Pampas Grass. Planting of ornamentals should be properly maintained and should not be planted in mass plantings and groups.

• The Ventura County Fire Department is strongly recommending you increase your brush clearance from 100’ to 200’ if any of the following apply to your property:

• Space tree canopies and shrubs a minimum of 15’ from other shrubs or trees. All trees and shrubs need to be trimmed up off the ground 5 feet or 1/3 the height of the tree which ever is less. Maintain all plants by regularly removing all dead fall and litter.

Roof Maintenance

Remove dead branches overhanging your roof.

• Clean all dead leaves from your roof and rain gutters.

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