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Summer Pruning

Summer is the season to prune oak trees, hillside clean up and fire regulation. (Brush Clearance)

Make your home defensible. The drought has taken many trees that may be dead and dangerous.  Dry wood and the dry brush makes big trouble for firefighters.

Here are some guidelines for brush clearance.

  • Maintain all weeds and grasses at a maximum height of 3 inches.
  • Maintain the lower 1/3rd of trees and shrubs by removing all leafy foliage, twigs, and branches up to a maximum of 6 feet from the ground.
  • Maintain 5 feet of vertical clearance between roof surfaces and portions of overhanging trees and shrubs (any overhanging foliage must be at least 5 feet above the roof).
  • Remove any portion of a tree or shrub within 10-foot radius of a chimney outlet.
  • Maintain the roofs of all structures free of leaves, needles, twigs and other combustible matter.
  • Remove all dead/dry undergrowth and material within trees and shrubs to include all dead or dry palm fronds/branches.
  • Vegetation/branches extending past the curb and over the street shall be trimmed back to the curb line and a minimum of 14ft vertically from the roadway surface to the lowest overhanging branch to provide clearance for emergency vehicles.

Trees should be trimmed away from structures, roof and gutters cleaned.  Excessive buildup of leaves and needles are a fire danger and can keep water away from saturating down to the soil when trees need every drop they can get.

Water your trees with a slow drip hose overnight in several different places around the drip line of the tree.  This will reduce limbs from cracking.  Hydrate your tree for health and vitality. Do not forget palm trees need water too.

Los Angeles tree service is unique, there are many tree species in the L.A area, but all need water to survive.  Your Tree service needs vary from season to season.  In Los Angeles, all good tree service starts with a license, insurance and well train staff with many years’ experience.  To assist you, Good trees advice comes from many years of experience.

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