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Fast Growing Shade Trees Great for the Summer

1. Hybrid Poplar

They are quite beautiful to look at and provide lots of nice shade.

Plus, these trees really add a lot of color to your lawn. They start off a bright green during the warmer months, and then slowly transition to a golden color when autumn arrives.

2. American Red Maple

When you see one, you know because of how their beautiful colors stand out against any backdrop.

So if you’d like a shade tree that grows quickly, then you should consider this Red Maple. It has the most gorgeous red leaves that absolutely make this tree pop out.

3. Sawtooth Oak

This tree is used on the cover of a lot of children’s books. It looks like a very familiar tree which might make your home feel a little more welcoming to some.

But this tree has oblong shaped leaves which is why it is called a ‘sawtooth’ oak. If you want some shade and a little homey décor touch simultaneously, then you might want to use this tree for your shade.

4. Royal Empress

It has the height and the foliage needed by a shade tree.

But this shade tree develops gorgeous purple leaves. It definitely looks royal, in my opinion, and it would add a lot of beauty to any yard.

5. Sycamore

This tree looks to provide ample amount of shade. Also, from my research on the internet, it seems to be rather inexpensive to purchase one of these trees.

6. Pin Oak

These trees come in different color varieties. You can buy one version where it is your typical green tree, which a lot of people might prefer.

Then you can purchase varieties where the leaves can be purple or red. I love lots of color in my yard, but this could be a good shade variety regardless of preference.

7. Weeping Willow

They provide lots of good shade, but they also provide a little country feel to any yard.

Actually, my mother in law had one in her yard, and it was a gorgeous tree. All of the grandkids loved playing under it because the branches and leaves made a great place to hide.

8. Fan-Tex Ash

If you live in a colder climate, then this tree could be what you’ve been looking for. It is zoned for areas 7 through 11.

So as long as your temperatures stay above zero degrees Fahrenheit, then you are good to go. Plus, this tree grows to about 35-40 feet in height as well.

9. American Elm

This tree is another classic. The elm tree grows to be about 40 feet or greater in height. What is interesting about the elm tree is that it once was the most prominent tree planted along streets in the United States.

But Dutch elm disease made its way to the United States in the 1950’s and wiped out a lot of them. Now cities plant a variety of trees so they don’t lose them all in one clean swipe like they did with the elm tree.

10. Silver Maple

This tree grows to be a very large tree. It commonly reaches anywhere from 50-80 feet in height. Which makes it great for a shade tree.

But it also adds a splash of color because the leaves have a silver shade on the bottom of them. So every time the wind blows the leaves look shimmery.


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