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When You Should Cut Down a Tree On Your Property

If you think your tree needs to come down, you want to move fast! Get an expert’s opinion, confirm it needs to be removed and take the next step as soon as possible. An unstable tree that could fall puts your home and safety at risk!

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Yes! If your tree is 100% dead, then that’s that. You need to make arrangements to take it down quickly. Mature trees are big, hefty objects. A single post oak tree can weigh 4,400 pounds. That means if it were to come down on its own, it could do a ton of damage (or should we say 2.2 tons of damage).

And if your dead tree falls on its own and damages your home, you’ll probably have to pay for that expense out of pocket! Many homeowners’ insurances don’t cover tree damage if the tree should have been removed before a storm.

To sum it up, if your tree is dead, you need to mitigate the risk before it turns into an accident.

On the flip side, if you’re not completely sure your tree is dead, gives us a call to come out and provide a diagnosis. We offer Free estimate. A tree may look dead to you, but a tree expert with years of experience may see a tree with an easy-to-fix issue!

We offer free estimates for commercial and residential and all your tree service needs. We are a fully licensed and insured tree service.  Emergency tree services available.  At Sherman Oaks Tree Service.   “We’ll go out on a limb for you”!

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